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Planetside 2 application from mudmanish

Discussion in 'Recruitment and Introductions' started by mudmanish, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. mudmanish

    mudmanish New Member

    Jul 28, 2017
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    What is your Ingame Name mudmanish

    Real name: (Your last name is not required) Quinn

    Age: 20

    World location Ottawa, Canada

    Game you are applying for Planetside 2

    Relevant gaming experience

    I've been playing FPS' pretty much all my life and PS2 for a couple of years now. I spent most of that time with DAPP as a squad lead and occasional platoon lead (riding the zerg / herding cats). Despite the reputation, DAPP would often run smaller squads for more experienced players focused on squad-play, which is where I spent a lot of my gameplay.

    Why you want to be a Vindicator

    I left PS2 a while ago, but recently decided to give it another try and to get involved with a good, active community. After spending a lot of time with DAPP, I became kind of tired of being a part of (or trying to guide) a full-on zerg and want to try playing PS2 with a better focus on squads and communication. DAPP offered a little bit of that, but I'd like to try an outfit where that is the rule, not the exception.

    As for why I want to be a Vindicator in particular, yours seems like a well-organized and active community.

    In game rank/level (if applicable) 57

    What roles do you prefer

    I prefer playing engineer and lightning, although I've been branching into infiltrator and medic

    How did you find out about us

    I recently downloaded PS2 again and yours was the first outfit in the browser that didn't look like a disorganized horde, was active with a good number of players, and wasn't exclusively Brazilian. I did some homework after that and decided that I would like to give this outfit (and gaming community) a shot.

    Anything more you would like to tell us

    What is your name on Discord?

  2. TheBTron

    TheBTron Vindicator Member

    Sep 23, 2006
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    Jump on Discord and poke someone in the PS2 channel to set sorted.

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