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The PlanetSide 1 community and PSForever.net is holding a “PlanetSide Weekend” April 8-10th to play some good old PlanetSide 1! All are welcome to participate, veterans and newcomers alike!


Why PlanetSide 1? PlanetSide 1 is a free to play, MMOFPS game that has a lot of key differences from PlanetSide 2. While it is an older game, it’s still extremely fun. It has a lot of interesting features and content that was neglected for PlanetSide 2, and is definitely worth checking out. Curious where PlanetSide 2 came from? Come check out the original!

Training for Newcomers (Saturday, April 9th @ 10AM PST / 12PM CST / 1PM EST)

If you’ve never played PlanetSide 1, you’re new or inexperienced, or have a friend that’s new or wants to try, we will be holding a training session held by veterans of the game on Saturday morning for people to learn a bit about the game. Topics covered will be certifications, loadouts, hotkeys, and combat. If you would like to participate, there will be a squad listed on each empire for “Training.” Join this squad at the scheduled time. (If there is a change, we will post about it). Additionally, we have created a write-up for players who are new to PlanetSide 1, particularly in 2016: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16C81fxdC7at4GKKt60jVYuGIWvBHveIS-CuqfPsc3WY/


One of the main reasons that the population died off significantly in PlanetSide 1 is due to hackers. The hacks in PlanetSide 1 are pretty advanced and can do a lot more than just the traditional FPS hacks you may be familiar with. Fortunately, the hackers have been pretty inactive as of late. Due to this, we've been seeing a large increase in population over the weekends and even during the week! Additionally, some members of the community has taken upon itself to design their own tools to help deal with the...
Just a heads up The Division Open Beta ( more a Demo than beta ) is live as of tomorrow if anyone wants to play I will be in TS. I highly recommend this game I had a blast last beta.
I know some of you peeps have it... It is free... I have been tanking as of late...

My team was kind of bad... I was just wrecking the other team. I believe only two of my deaths was me repairing my tank while outside.
New server with better DDoS protection apparently.
Patch today and Season 5 comes up on 1/15/2016 and I know a bunch of people are excited.

Season 4 was a huge turnout with 10+ VIndicators logging on every night around 9pm EST to group up and play. We got to the point where all our players plateaued at the endgame, but we all continued to play for another month just to hang out and chat.

This is what I love about multiplayer games, the ability to just chill out with friends, smash stuff, and have fun on a nightly basis.

Come join us on teamspeak, or not